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Throughout the game there are magic areas, where either a bonus round or egg will appear. Each time you finish an early area with an axe or a dino in tow, store it away for use in the final stages the game. Adventure Island 3 is a classic sidescrolling platformer game created by Hudson Soft and is the third installment of the Adventure Island game series. Bonus levels, you ask? Adventure on Soccer Island.

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The two of you will cross each other in midair, and you will land safely behind him. Play Now Download the full version. If you do, and jump to the floor on the right, you'll get clobbered by a boulder. The first one's hidden on Fern's Area Four, two paces after the first rock in the second clearing where there are no trees zdventure the background.

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Pooter simply cruises from right to left, and one shot will send the little piggie home. Retrieved from " https: You can only get the bee on your first game adventurw hitting the reset button won't bring it back. Adventure on Soccer Island. Be careful not to stumble on small rocks.

Bassers usually travel in groups. View all 16 Adventure Island Screenshots. Captured in Her Eyes Case Closed: If you think Tarzan and Jungle Book stories are over-rated, then Check out the axe flinging and dragon riding baby in Adventure Island 2!

Adventure Island 2

You are cast as Master Higgins, a bouncy and nimblefooted hero who islane out to the balmy South Pacific to save the beautiful Princess Leilani from the clutches of the evil Witch Doctor. When the player's score reaches 50, points,points, andpoints, Higgins will receive an extra life. Full Score of Fear Detective Conan: Jump over it and then all you have to take on is the Cobra.

Eating fruit keeps his strength high, and the weapons will keep him alive. Bame, shooting or jumping over it will put it behind you.

By the time you reach Skeletons, you'll find them easy prey. There are eight worlds called 'areas', which are divided four stages or 'rounds' each, which are further osland into four checkpoints. Look for obscure eggs which warp you past entire islands.

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Just adventjre before, each island consists of several sidescrolling stages of running, jumping, skating, swimming, and of course shooting. Throughout the game there are magic areas, where either a bonus round or egg will appear. In Area 3, Round 4: To rescue her, Higgins must survive a series of 32 stages.

At the end of each round, grabbing the bonus pot doubles your points. SHOW MORE Bobo moves automatically, and you must use the left click mouse button or space bar to jump — time your jumps perfectly to move onto different platforms and avoid the myriad of dangerous objects on each level. Each trip costs you two power points. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat If, on the other hand, you have firepower, leap just past him and get him to adventue over your head, then jump behind him and shoot him.

In Area 2, Round 4: Will you take the challenge and go with Master Higgins on vacation?! If addventure miss this key, the next platform will drop; if you get the key, this platform will fly up, bringing you to a bonus level. The locations of these 'hidden eggs' are usually indicated when a weapon thrown by a player disappears before gsme to the ground and are uncovered by jumping at the indicated spot.

The rights to the Adventure Island series are currently owned by Konamiwho absorbed Hudson Soft in

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