Gm sprite editor

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. GameMaker is software designed to make developing games easy and fun. We also have a Steam Group for playing games. Ive been using paint.

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Want to add to the discussion? Ive been using paint. Id also google and look for a 32x32 sprite animation layout sheet that you can kind of use to help animate sprites.

So im wondering what program to use to create them? N3QN did you draw on paper then scan them in or freehand in GM? I suppose I could cook up a tutorial on how to do a character from scratch eventually though. If you really what to see how awesome the sprite editor is, check out my deviantART. The downside of just swiping something off of image searches or other games' sprite rips is that you don't technically own those images, and recolors or other such edits don't change that fact.

The sprite editor in GM is crap compared. All the sprites there were made with GM: Its still hard to do though but google is your friend. So if I draw a pic and color it then scan it it would be fine as a sprite?

You'd probably need to clean it up a bit, but yeah. I did make a small tutorial animation on that DA page, the animated Chaos Zero sprite. We also have a Steam Group for playing games. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I am pretty fond of how simple it is yet how much it is capable of, but it is normally a pain to open gamemaker and export the sprite just for the sake of having an image.

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Even for Vector art you can still use gimp. Honestly, though, you can make sprites in virtually any digital art software, or simply by scanning drawn things; it's all about the style you want to pursue and what tools editr have to work with, mixed with a bit of patience. As for drawing diagnal lines, that involves an understanding of Pixel Art Theory. Ok so its prolly best to scan without colors or just edit a image from the internet to look like what your looking for?

Log in or sign up in seconds. In less words, image search is okay for a learning experience, but don't rely on it in the long run. Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments.


Just need to find a good recording program that won't fm reduce the quality of the image. Use Gimp as much as possible, It is a free alternative to Photoshop just like Blender is a free but has less features version of 3DS Max. Last edited by ThugNMe editoe Aug 4, 8: The gm 48 is a casual, fun game jam that helps you to learn and grow as a developer.

What I'm saying here is that "sprites" is just a term for 2D game assets that aren't stagnant and as such cover a lot of territory and possibility. Bi-weekly Community Spotlight Shining a light on high-quality projects and resources created by our community.

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Basically, to avoid seeing individual pixels, actually anti-alias the image by hand. A lot of indie devs go with low-res pixel art because it's relatively fast and cheap to produce and gets the job done, but others do pixel work that is extensively detailed and lovingly crafted in such a way that it ends up being just as difficult or more so!

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