Death time calculator

If deceased, how long did your Grandparents live? Are you over your Physicians' Recommended Weight? You have this many years left to live

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Do you take Aspirin once a day? Select Male Female Where do you live?

Death Date Calculator | Find out how much time is left on your Death Clock

Select Every day I get down to the sea once a week Not very often. On your bike son! Our death clock and death meter are very popular ones in the 20th centuary. How often do you spend a day outside? How often are you woken up calculatro the noises of London? This is also the first Android application to tell when you will die.

Do you play the bagpipes or any other instrument for the matter? Do you frequently use 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler?

Select Twice a day Once a day Not every day. Are you over your Physicians' Recommended Weight? When you eat Fish, Poultry and Meat, how is it cooked? This application relies on aging and health data to arrive at the estimation.

Are you in a High risk area for Radon Exposure? Select Yes, it haunts me everyday I think about it every now and then No.

What are the people like around you, nice or nasty? Do you go and see any live arts; theatre or music?

We use cookies to help make life easier when you use our site. What percentage of your Diet is Non-vegetarian food? How often do you Exercise? How many cuppas do you get through in a day?

Your Death Clock is ticking!

A big night out or in, how often do you stay up past 12 o'clock? How often do your cycle your commute?

Calcualtor you exposed to Air Pollution? Do you engage in unprotected sex with different partners? How much time do you dexth in the Sun? Do you work in an office sitting down all day? Select Everyday on repeat Every now and then Never. Simply choose your gender, age and region and answer a few questions to find out. Do you take a Multi-Vitamin once a day? Are the people around you a friendly group? Do you drink alcohol? Select Every night it's just so noisy here! How often do you see the sea?

Select Yes No Sometimes. Select Any car will stop for me!

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