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A good sized area consisting of dense pine forests encircling a murky swamp. If creating a new account, they will be asked to read and approve a "waiver", stating that the player releases DinoHunt Corp. Using these tools detracts from the points you earn with each kill, while using tranquilizers boosts your totals but won't put that tyrannosaurus in your trophy room. Muddy marshes to the southwest, and a long abandoned "Dinosaur Wall" make this one of the most mysterious areas on the tour.

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Whereas only three dinosaurs in the first game were meat eaters, Carnivores 2 adds the camel-like spinosaurus and the horned ceratosaurus to the fray, which make for a fine assortment of dangerous game alongside the velociraptor, allosaurus, and tyrannosaurus.

Hunting accessories such as camouflage and a dinosaur-detecting radar can be used during hunting, but will deduct points if utilized. However, if the player is killed by cwrnivores dinosaur, all credits accumulated on the specific hunt are forfeited.

However, it makes a lot of noise, so it will scare all plant eaters and some small carnivores, causing them to run away. Also called Debug Mode, debugup is the "master cheat" for Carnivores 2 and equivalent to debugon in Carnivores.

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About Carnivores Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Toggles gouraud shadinga type of lighting effect which is seen most prominently on the player's gun.

Up to 6 Tons Diet: Gameplay is similar to the original Carnivoreswith some changes. Other Action Forms titles. Your style of play will change drastically depending on whether you're hunting a meat eater or a plant eater, and the game is even more dynamic than the first now that you can throw everything into the mix at once.

The dinosaurs that are available to hunt, from the lowest to the highest price, are the ParasaurolophusAnkylosaurusStegosaurusAllosaurusChasmosaurusVelociraptorSpinosaurusCeratosaurusand Tyrannosaurus rex. Open season on Velociraptors". The peaceful ones will then flee, while the carnivores will swoop toward you and turn you into lunch.

This site is a part of Curse, Inc. Ravan overlook a thick tropical carnivorew that may quickly become a deadly maze where hidden danger abounds.

In the southeast corner lies an abandoned settlement guarded by a towering "Dinosaur Wall", that now lies in ruins from the fury of a T-Rex. Fibrous Plants Dangerous if wounded.

Press the "ALT" key default to use the call. File formats, files, and extensions.

A large, green, four-legged herbivorous dinosaur with a frilly crest on the back of its head and three horns on its face.

This 3D engine continues to hold up with the best of them.

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Carnivotes top pin is sighted in for 40 meters, and the bottom pin is sighted for 80 meters. Dinosaur Hunter in andrespectively.

The effects look great, and the terrain still looks realistic and beautiful. The call, when overused, can scare plant eaters, or attract meat carnivorss to your location, so be careful. A medium-sized, green, four-legged herbivorous dinosaur with twin rows of diamond-shaped plates running down its back and two pairs of spikes on its tail.

True to its title, this sequel emphasizes dinosaurs of the more voracious variety. Toggles rendering of all object models, including trees, bushes, rocks, and buildings.

Carnivoree selections are highlighted in blue, selected items are yellow and unavailable items are gray. Lush pockets of vegetation, and thousands of inlets cover this area. The nine species you hunt all have their own distinctive calls, and the larger ones sound downright scary. Carnivores 2 was ported to iOS and Android devices under the title Carnivores: Fame entered, it causes all dinosaurs to ignore the player to a certain extentas well as granting the player infinite ammo and invincibility to drowning or burning note that the player can still be killed by dinosaurs.

This is a very powerful weapon that uses buck-shot bullets as an ammunition.

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