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Deskfun untested by me! This post was merged on Feb 03, I cant speak for Display fusion, however If you are intent on getting an animated wallpaper, there are 2 alternatives that come to mind: The main app has a computer screen icon. Scroll down for the next article.

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They do almost the same thing but BioniX is free while Plastuer costs a small amount of money. We've dug into the catalog to find 10 of the best Chrome Experiments that you really have to check out.

How to set animated GIFs as wallpaper in Windows 10

But if have a capable graphics card and adequate system memory at least 4 GBthen GIF and video wallpapers are a nice enhancement for your desktop. Second, it is a massive resource hog.

The animation will immediately be set as your wallpaper and begin playing. Oh yeah, and it requires you to wallpapeds 2 other add-on bloatware programs, and the "free" trial will only work AFTER you confirm an email address so they can spam you.

OK, so after installing, the BioniX Wallpaper folder will automatically open, along with the program itself. You can disable the active wallpaper anytime by clicking the Disable Wallpaper button. Just wanted to give you a heads up that we released DisplayFusion 8. August 14, 0. Regardless, thanks for the input! Thanks for posting those alternatives! Are there pp 60fps gifs for phone backgrounds?

Therefore, we will download a third party program to do this for us. October 24, 0. Submit a new link. There is no free trial, so purchase it with any amount you feel like and try it out.

Mina studies communications and electronics engineering and works as a technical support. Counterintuitively, a higher speed number yields slower playback, but you'll have to try different numbers to get the ideal speed for your GIF. Use descriptive submission titles.

The animated tool is separate from the main wallpaper utility, but you waplpapers it by going to the Tools menu and clicking on Wallpaper animator:.

Preferably a clean loop. I would like a followup on this post asking about animated wallpapers. First, it doesn't work with.

While were on the subject; Might I suggest WebM as it is superior to gif in virtually every way. Richy 3 discussion posts.

As part of our ongoing series on Windows 10 hacks, today we are going to show how to get rid of your typical static wallpapers. September 11, 0. Scroll down for the next article.

How to set a GIF as your background in Windows 8

Featured August 25, 6. Ask your question in our forum!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Next, point it to the folder in which your animated GIFs reside and click on one in the list which appears on the left. I created wallpaers application to make your wallpaper into an interactive web page plastuer. High Frame rate Pink-Flaming circle with 'boiling' blue and pink partials i. We will be introducing two different programs:

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