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Madin Dec 25 This is going to take up a lot of my time. If you play properly, you can defeat any other general. No articles were found matching the criteria specified. Armanis Dec 26 Hi dont know if i should post bugs here but after i defeated super weapons general im playing airforce in challange mode it is the first mission at the end it shows that i have defeated infantry general:

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Please read the installation instructions carefully. He has long range sniper units capable of attacking with impunity against units lacking stealth detection.

Genwrals almost all units are disposable, you must use them with care, directing almost all kamikazes manually. UA Oct 25 Now it red. As the clock is ticking and Contra is approaching its release phase, we still have some nice stuff to show you. F Oct 27 Excellent!

Shaitan image - Contra mod for C&C: Generals Zero Hour - Mod DB

Latest tweets from tarantheram. Check out this Dark Souls: Jan 20 Never. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. Cause i dont understand how i am supose gdnerals do it, where i must put files etc, i have my game in spanish.

View All Top Mods. Dawn-Shade Oct 26 Me too! You get disconnect or mismatch during multiplayer games? As for the "AA gun replaced" question, Beta2 uses the fire-on-the-move Aladdin I have really same idea from a long time, but you make this faster than me.

China Boss General image - Contra mod for C&C: Generals Zero Hour - Mod DB

The limit is 1 per player like hero units. Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Well, don't ask me.

The gameplay for each general is unique. Yes, its awesome, but it will be more awesome if zerp join us and play with us.

Contra mod for C&C: Generals Zero Hour

Stealth has the Quad Sniper which has increased range as well as damage to infantry and aircraft zro the cost of lowered damage to ground vehicles But everything has its details. The more assiduously you play - the more complex it becomes for enemy to defend from your endless flows of kamikazes.

Luchie Dec 30 Thanks friendo. He is a challenging general to play, but has a strong reward for the effort given.

China Boss General image - Contra mod for C&C: Generals Zero Hour

From the news article: Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: We will all agree that old one was lacking details. Is widow gonna replace the old shielded death machine whose name I can't remember now? Please read the installation generaps carefully D might be a good idea to add this in future updates if theres gonna come more of them.

You will find gdnerals options such as music, language, unit voices, etc.

Or sign in with your social account: Each general has a unique super unit. Contra Net Fix is here.

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