Cub scout clip art

Some emblems from past Worlds Fairs involving Scouts. The Tiger Cub Tiger. Privacy Statement and Disclaimer.

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This site was the original council site and was active from to and run by volunteers. Basic Cub Scout Emblem.

Cub Scout PNG images

Sports and Academics Program Patch. Baloo's head - close-up - x Akela's head - close-up - x Thank you for visiting!

Bear Badge - pixels. High Res Version x The xrt version of the Webelos Badge - Phasing out. New Webelos Badge - x Once the image has been downloaded to your computer you can import it into your word processor document or html file, and scale it as necessary.

Free PNG Cub Scouts Transparent Cub Images. | PlusPNG

Good for newsletters and etc. Akela - pixel version. Asst Den Leader Patch. The Arrow of Light Badge.

Multiple images have been eliminated -- only GIF images, and some JPEG images where applicable, are included in the new library, and only the largest, cleanest versions.

Red Animated Derby Car. TC - pixel version. As the web became more important clipp Scouting, the council took over with paid staff.

Clip Art for Cub Scout Leaders. These images are small in size but can be expanded to larger att for use on signs and trailers: Green Animated Derby Car.

The Arrow of Light Badge - x Link to Image Comments Paws Good for newsletters and etc. Insignia of the Boy Scouts of America: The Cub Scout Sign.

TC's head - close-up - x Medium Res Version x Asst Webelos Den Leader. All three Cub Scout Characters.

Tiger Cub Handbook - x The Boy Scouts of America. Tiger Award and Bead Belt totem - x Privacy Statement and Disclaimer. Cub Scout Leader Guide. General images of Scouting activities: Cub Scout Fortune Teller.

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