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And then I gained knowledge. The VMware image is a nice touch! All relevant security patches have been applied.

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Yes, yes, stop whining…. It saves a lot of work. Thanks for your concern.

We decided not to backtrac to a newer kernel as wireless injection patches were not fully tested and verified. The art of deception…the book tht got me a whole different look the people who dedicate their lives to net security I donno if U know this……. I have books but actual training is really different, for me.

Without getting lengthy, we are taught to do everything from the ground up. The VMware image is a nice touch! Rightful June 24, at VMware eats up ram. I know a lot of people who do iiso, myself included. And then I gained knowledge.

Installing BackTrack 3 (Final) in VMware Workstatsion 6

My boss would like give me cool things to work on. I have been dual booting Backtrack 3 Beta with windows since Backfrack. I learned mostly because of googling. I usually find what they say at the sites or on the boxes matches up to what hw specs you need.

Rightful June 24, at 7: Oh, and Yah boo sucks to Tenable. I was 18 then.

BackTrack 3 Final Hacking LiveCD Released For Download

Stephen Reese July 2, at 2: Sorry for the long posts…: Darknet June 25, at 6: Now unless your working on a sweet machine, VMware is gonna slow you down. Navin June 24, at 6: We would like to thank Paterva for co-operating with us and allowing us to feature this amazing tool in BackTrack. The open source forensics class is an advanced class and they are allowed to use any tools they want on the final. Jynx Xander July 17, at 2: Really out of topic hehe.

Navin June 25, at 9: Bring it on Navin.

Make a BackTrack Linux Flash Drive in Windows | USB Pen Drive Linux

I frankly think BT is the finest for any security tester!! With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started backtdack from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes.

Gonna be some happy students in the open source forensics class tomorrow night. This is my fav LiveCD security distro. Yea, Computer Forensics major with a minor in Information Assurance. September 3,bacotrack.

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