Diner dash 2 restaurant rescue

Download and installation help. Also new is the ability to choose different diner upgrades. Minecraft Sandbox game of creativity and survival. Your review for Diner Dash 2 -.

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User reviews about Diner Dash 2. Diner Dash 2 is an improved version of the first installment.

Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue

dinwr Garry's Mod The mod that became a legend. More about Diner Dash Since we added this game to our catalog init has managed to obtaindownloads, and last week it achieved downloads. My dream is to have my own restaurant in the future and thanks to this game I am fulfilling that.

This second installment has more addicting games and challenges than before. Download and installation help. Flo then completes her quest after making enough to decorate Toshiro's Grill and mail the resaturant rent check to Mr.

Big serving as her assistant waiter. After the player completes the final level at Toshiro's Grill, the player will unlock the last ten levels at the Flo's Lounge. Customers have a series of hearts over their heads that indicate their mood.

Diner Dash 2 - Download

However, this is often reestaurant lot more difficult than it sounds, due to the large volume of customers and the fact that many of them are rather impatient. Sign In Don't have an account? Seat customers, take orders, serve drinks, deliver food, and collect tips, expert scores earn you more upgrades!

More Fun and exciting. Don't leave without your download!

All ages, all genders and all you time management games genre lovers! Story Mode, which follows the story of Flo stopping and eventually helping Mr. I love that this game has tons of fresh and Restaurant Rescue is the second installment to the popular game series Diner Dash preceded by Diner Dash. Flo can perform various actions, such as talking to customers or serving them drinks, in order to revive these hearts.

Download Diner Dash 2 1. The Cantina successfully stays in business and Flo runs to help Toshiro.

Margarita's famous tacos bring spice to the DinerTown residents. If you are looking for an exciting game that will keep you glued to resaturant computer, that's the one.

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Each type of customer has different degrees of patience and tipping habits. Fortnite Light hearted survival crafting game. Also starting in this restaurant, hired help can be called temporary to help out in a level. Free Download Rdstaurant download. A lush alfresco cafe, while the inside is stocked with various supplies used for food and drinks.

This game is really addictive. Diner Dash 2 adds highchairs for babies, a Mop for cleaning up spilled drinks, a Dessert Bar that customers can browse after eating only if dienr have five whole or four and a half heartsand a Bench to boost happiness while in line. New to Diner Dash 2 is noise disturbance; Cellphone Addicts are constantly talking, and will thus annoy other customers. Also, it has become more tricky and difficult to remember who ordered or dined first and serving the dijer on time.

Diner Dash is a popular, trial version game only available for Windows, belonging to the category PC games. Since we added this restairant to our catalog init has managed to obtaindownloads, and last week it achieved downloads.

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