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However there are not too many unknowns here. In general we found the prompts to be frequent enough, yet not to chatty in most environments. I do it all the time before my trips. If you want to have both the US and Europe map on the device you need to buy an extra 4gb micro sd card.

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I also would like to buy Australian city and street maps as well, I am visiting Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, 7760 etc. If you want to have both the US and Europe map on the device you need to buy an extra 4gb micro sd card.

Another possibility is that there is not enough satellite coverage to give the GPS unit the required precision. It offers a great package of features including Bluetooth hands free calling, an FM transmitter, included and semi-integrated traffic receiver, Text to speech, and multi destination routing in a product that is physically very well designed and attached to a mount which is second to none.

How do I get maps of Ireland on it? The voice prompting frequency and instruction types were similar to other Nuvi devices. At the bottom left is your estimated arrival time, bottom center takes you to the Menu, bottom right shows the distance to the next maneuver, and there are zoom buttons at the top left and top right.

Detours, Excluding Specific Roads The Detour function on the Nuvi series unfortunately still leaves quite a bit to be desired. Other than that our Garmin has worked perfectly. The phone call sound quality was marginal— which is about as good as can be said for most GPS devices unfortunately.

Take it out completely and insert your card with the map on it. The screen is incredibly bright, brighter than just about any other GPS on the market.

Pete…yes, this is what I do. The font size used is good and big, however we would prefer again, being picky that the address not be shown on this list instead making room for one more item on the list before you need to scroll.

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The lm are for North America. Make a beautiful back gamin route, push it to the Nuvi and the Nuvi changes it to be either shortest or fastest. I am looking at the Garmin nuvi 40LM and I have a question whether there are only certain models which allow maps from other countries to be downloaded.

While most of my trips are short enough to do without a power cable, you may still want to take the power cable ejrope you since it doubles as the traffic receiver. I have a 1Gb currently but will be loading additional maps for my travels.

I bought a Garmin not sure about the model in LA and brought back to Australia to use in December The only way to get it to restart is to plug it into a PC for a while. The colors are vivid, and the font anti-aliasing and shading of elements makes many other devices look like they were drawn by a kid with crayons.

Read more about making sure your electronic devices function properly in Europe. In typical Garmin fashion, the mount and hardware design is nearly perfect. The free maps are quite detailed. This can happen horizontal or vertical. Hitting Detour on the Nuvi however will just create an entirely different route all the way to the destination.

How to switch maps on Garmin GPS system |

It is possible to use Garmin Express to reinstall a map region or change the map coverage loaded to an Automotive device. Go to the Garmin site and click on maps and buy the Europe map. Mark - May 5th, Once you install the map use my instructions on how to switch the map. It took me a while to figure it out so I thought it might help others. We found that the phone book transfer option was much, much faster than on other competing devices, requiring no waiting at all.

Here are the steps you need to perform to switch your current map:. I thought it has already downloaded the maps around the world like my old one Navman GPS.

I have lost my memory card. Clever, simple, and only you will know how often you might use it.

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