Hear me now hollywood undead

It is interesting to read different feelings in songs. General Comment A pillow of concrete, a man with no home. Retrieved March 23, A remix was featured on the band's American Tragedy Redux remix album. J-Dog performs the first verse and Johnny 3 Tears performs the second, while Danny performs the choruses and the bridge.

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J-Dog says that this is his favorite song that the band has done so far. Wenn du deinen Besuch fortsetzt, stimmst du der Verwendung solcher Cookies zu.

Hear Me Now Lyrics

Hear Me Now song meanings. How'd you end up all alone? Hear me now Can you hear me?

But what do I know? Quickly we forget, sacrifice gone by. Heaven will open up if I live on my knees. God's supposed to help me if i pray A man of many words, but a man of few deeds.

Nothing at all Take another look around me What do I see? Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Hear Me Now Lyrics [Verse 1: But i hlolywood it's about someone just not hearing them. Of course things are never noe simple. Nothing at all Where'd you go?

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It's beautiful in it's own way The lyrics at the beginning, as well as the lines: What road to travel on? Can you hear me now? General Comment No one else sees this as a drug addiction song.

On December 8, the band announced a new single would be coming soon. No Replies Log in to reply. US Alternative Songs Billboard [6]. When you wake up, you know it's darker than last night.

Clean Vocals Daniel "Danny" Murillo. What road to travel on?

Log in to add a tag. US Heatseeker Songs Billboard [6]. In the first verse, he is asking God what he should do next, but God isn't answering his calls. December 13, radio December 21, digital download.

Retrieved March 23, What have the artists said about the song? Heaven will open up if I live on my knees A man of many words but a man of few deeds Walking these streets so absent of hope A pillow of concrete, a man with no home Lend him a hand, then we're walking away Leave the virtue of pity but we live with the shame So scared to dream in a world with no sunlight When you wake up, you know, it's darker than last night Quickly we forget, sacrifice gone by Born to walk away, been walking my whole life [Chorus: Views Read Edit View history.

Now I'm stuck with this, and that'll never change Always a part of me, until the very last day.

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