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Contents [ show ]. Eternal Darkness - EX-Rumia's signature attack. After she's beaten, Rumia runs away, hopefully never to be seen again. The battle is nearly the same as the one in Muenzuka with the exception Yukari doesn't appear.

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The appearance of the darkness outside its region looks like a spherical circle that is moving. Retrieved from " http: Rumia has been known to develop quite an appetite that can only be quenched by eating humans.

She can't see in the dark either, mugrn her title.

She'll enjoy watching her victims suffer as rumoa inflicts more and more pain upon them. She shoots the opponent with a yellow beam of energy in a circular motion. Darkness Sign "Dark Side of the Moon" - Rumia launches a barrage of yellow danmaku bullets until finishing it with a bullet version of the moon itself.

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The darkness consumes her victims dealing more and more pain the longer they stay in it. She grows taller in height, grows black wings, and wields a giant black sword. In this state, she becomes more cruel, sadistic, bloodthirsty, and megalomaniacal. The squad attempt to fight her off, but she's too powerful. She first appeared in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil as the first stage boss. If the player speaks to her, she will drop what she's doing and join the team. In Muenzuka, while searching for the gem of Gensokyo, Yukari Yakumo appears and teleports Rumia to fight the squad again.

Darkness Sign "Demarcation" - Umgen shoots out three circular yellow danmaku bullets before finishing it with a strange circular symbol. Rumia charges up darkness all around her before causing it to explode out into a massive sphere. Usually someone like Reimu or Marisa stops her from doing this. She's still the same weak youkai from earlier until Yukari removes her ribbon.

The Quest for YouTube Status: Rumia says "I'm fine in moonlight," meaning she doesn't need such ability on the night of a new moon.

Because of this, people who happen to go inside the darkness would not able to see anything, but it looks like even Rumia also cannot see, as she might crash into trees while flying. Link or Zelda who accidentally cut the ribbon from her hair, converting her back into her EX state.

This was a far more evil and dangerous Rumia.

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Once the final blow is dealt, it's believed rummia puts the ribbon back on rmuia, whether it was Air Wolfjam, Albedo, or even Ted DiBiase is unknown. By covering herself in pure darkness, she is able to prevent sunlight from passing thought the darkness as this darkness is magical in nature, and can render traditional lights such as torches useless within it.

Rumia has the ability of manipulating darkness. Sure enough, her body begins to mature and grow, black wings don her back, rumiq a giant black sword appears in her hands. After she's beaten, Rumia runs away, hopefully never to be seen again. It's interesting to note that if the player speaks to Rumia in the basement of Gaspra 's Tower they have the option of removing the ribbon.

Anyone caught in the attack has their stats reduced. Rumia acts childish for one of a youkai of darkness. If the amulet should be removed, Rumia enters an EX stage. In her EX state, Rumia's powers rumua amplified to nearly times their normal level. Or so everyone thought.

She can very well manipulate the very darkness around her to inflict pain upon her opponents.

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