Befsr41 v3 firmware

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My Linksys Befsr41 V3 Router Wont Update The Firmware - TechSpot Forums

I have it set to "Keep Alive" with a redial period of 20 seconds the minimum There is no driver required for any machine. So limiting your BitTorrent client to less than 20 connections, and refreshing your WAN IP address from time to time which drops all connections and thus flushes the SPI memory should keep it running firmwade.

Fri Dec 14, 9: But, hopefully it will help you out. Also, let me know whether you are using a DSL or Cable service when you provide me with the details. But, hopefully the setting information will be enough for you to follow.

Basically the only place they fall down is with really high packet rates on fast connections anything up to fios should be fine.

All configuration can be done from your web browser.

[Firmware] Latest BEFSR41 V3 Firmware - Linksys | DSLReports Forums

Jun 8, Posts: I hope it helps. One reason many consumer grade routers screw up is that they simply can't handle very large amounts of traffic.

Jan 1, Posts: I've put some torrents through it, too. Aug 13, Posts: After hours of changing settings on the Modem and DSL, ugrading Firmware fifmware both, and some help from my DSL provider, we have reduced the lag to only a few seconds. A router is an independent piece of hardware.

My Linksys Befsr41 V3 Router Wont Update The Firmware

A net can do k firewall states plus full BGP for the Internet if you want. Since firmwaer using UserName: Eraserhead Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor Tribus: And, you might want to write down any of your current settings before you make changes.

I'll try the iPv6 suggestion, as I have seen that on the boards. I bought one in and it survived until Apr 16, Posts: As far as the computer is concerned, it is just a server that dishes-out an IP address and sends it information.

Sun Dec 16, 2: For some reason, the above doesn't work in Internet Explorer After the computer goes to sleep and I press a key to awaken it, there is a couple of second lag until the mouse responds.

Here is what happens: Those things are awful.

Recommend a home router that will never, ever crash

Sounds like linksys fixed part of the problem b4 the router would be discounted and show connected at least it's now showing discounted now. I do a fair bit of pushing my cable modem too. But if you want something that just works, there are consumer-grade devices available to you, with minimal work.

Jan 22, Posts: One reason many consumer grade routers with default firmware screw up is that they simply can't handle very large amounts of traffic. Still, ever since I've been bfesr41 D-link routers to clients, and all my D-link users have never had a crash I'd know, I'd get a phone call if they didand some of them have a pretty heavy load.

I'm pretty sure that I saw this problem with even the native 4-series firmware.

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