Back to the feature

Retrieved April 9, Retrieved February 4, Spielberg explained Zemeckis felt Stoltz was not comedic enough and gave a "terrifically dramatic performance". Back to the Future. Marty races back into town to find the Doc, who had just helped the original Marty return to

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Back to the Future

Archived from the original on December 27, Examples can be seen in promotional material, in interviews in which professional skateboarders cite the film as an initiation into the action sport, and in the public's recognition of the film's influence. Had Fox been cast from the beginning, Cohen probably would have won the part because he was sufficiently taller abck Fox.

Retrieved December 30, Archived from the original on October 26, It stars Michael J. Columbia's legal department determined that the film's plot was too similar to Double Indemnity and they needed the permission of Universal Picturesowners of the earlier film, if the film was ever to begin shooting.

bafk Zemeckis and Gale would later regret that they ended the first one with Jennifer in the car with Marty and Doc Brown, because it required them to come up with a story that fit her in, rather than a whole new adventure. Archived from the original on August 28, Back to the Future Part II. Marty and Doc determine that the Biff took the time machine bacl changeand Marty learns from the alternate Biff that he te the almanac on November 12, In Octoberin commemoration for the film's 25th anniversary, Back to the Future was digitally restored and remastered for a theatrical re-release in the US, the UK and Italy.

On December 17,Universal released it on DVD in a boxed trilogy set, although widescreen framing problems led to a product recall.

Archived from the original on February 9, Retrieved from " https: A musical theater production, also called Back to the Futureis in development for a debut in London's West End theatre during the film's 30th anniversary in How We Got Jennifer".

As the storm arrives, Marty returns to the ffeature tower and the lightning strikes, sending Marty back to Retrieved March 29, After Lorraine asks Marty to the school dance, Marty concocts a plan: George is afraid of any kind of social contact and Marty has his work cut out for him to convince him to ask his mother out so they could kiss and start a relationship.

So, rather than trying to make a scientifically sound prediction that we were probably going to get wrong anyway, we figured, let's just make it funny. In geature interview, Thomas F. Retrieved October 2, Retrieved November 13, After Marty saves George from an oncoming car, he is knocked unconscious and awakens to find himself tended to by Lorraine, who is infatuated with him.

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Retrieved October 16, Back to the Future is a gem that should never be overlooked by any moviegoer ever. On review aggregator Metacritic the film received an average score of 87, which indicates "universal acclaim", based on 12 reviews.

The greatest challenge was the creation of the futuristic vision of Marty's home town in Archived from the original on April 24, Wilson said one of the most frequent questions he was asked was if they are real. Retrieved October 21, Making the Trilogy Part 3".

Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added and coming A teenager, Marty, finds himself in an accidental time travel into the past where he meets his parents who are young again. Archived from the original on October 14,

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