Cotton eyed joe

Talley shared a slightly different rendition in his book Negro Folk Rhymes. The lift and kick are sometimes accompanied by shouts of "whoops, whoops", or the barnyard term "bull shit", mimicking the act of kicking off barnyard muck. Kase he was tall, and berry slim, An' so my gal she follered him. Country Music Foundation Press. According to one online archive , there have been more than recorded versions since

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Country Music Foundation Press.

On the Trail of Negro Folk-songs. Retrieved from " https: This version has the men on the inside of a circle facing out, and the women on the outside facing in.

Cotton Eyed Joe is Actually a Song about STDs?

With respect to the song itself often titled "Cotton-Eyed Joe""Where did you come from? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The song has become a staple song played at many professional and college baseball games during the seventh-inning stretch with the preference going to the Rednex version.

Jeo fringes added to the heel and toe polka were clog steps which required skill and extraversion on the part of the dancer. Ef it hadn't ben fur Cotton-eyed Joe, I'd been married long ergo.

No ISBN or catalogue number. Handbook of Folk, Square, and Social Dancing.

Simone sings her gorgeous ballad from the perspective of a woman who loved Joe long ago and is now ready to marry another man.

Albert Bulter Ballroom Dance Service. One discography lists recorded versions released since According to one online archivethere have been more than recorded versions since The Country and Irish singer Jow Matthews released his version of cottn song with new added lyrics. An Annotated Guide to Recordings. They got the basic details right.

Cotton-Eyed Joe - Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ef it hadn't ben fur Cotton-eyed Joe, I'd xotton been married long ergo. American folk music is a democratic art form.

Subscribe to our Newsletter! Dat gal, she sho' had all my love, An swore fum ne she'd never move, But Joe hoodooed her, don't you see, An' she run off wid him to Tennessee, I'd 'a' been married forty years ago, Ef it hadn't a-been for Cotton-eyed Joe.

Bob Wills and Adolph Hofner and his San Antonians both recorded the song, and Hofner's version Columbiaissued in[14] apparently [ clarification needed ] was the one that did the most to popularize the song.

The Long History Behind the Song "Cotton Eye Joe" | Mental Floss

Ina version of the song recorded by the Swedish band Rednex as " Cotton Eye Joe " became popular worldwide. Archived from the original on Where "Cotton-Eyed Joe" goes now is completely up to the next person who feels like singing it. As Scarborough writes, she learned parts of the tune from "an old man in Louisiana," who picked it up from slaves on a plantation. Don't you remember Cotton-eyed Joe?

The film Urban Cowboy sparked a renewed interest in the dance. Burgess Publishing Company, Fourth Edition, p. One of the biggest mysteries of the song is what is meant by "cotton-eyed.

Cotton-Eyed Joe

The spoke line version gained popularity not only in Texas, but also across the US and overseas. Kase he was tall, and berry slim, An' so my gal she follered him. Heel and toe polka cottton were replaced with a cross-lift followed by a kick with two-steps.

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