Best fonts 2012

It indicates that me-too-ism is limited and that designers are open to a variety of styles. An honorable mention is a form of this albeit a lesser one. This one font family will go a long way by itself. Choose from a wide range of styles for both display and body text. On the one hand, I decided to create specimens not only for my personal highlights, but also one-liners for all other typefaces more work, but also more fun.

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Actually, he simply likes to clearly distinguish the three basic latin type categories sans, serif and slab. Whether or not that should be an issue when organizing the list is not for me to say. Reducing a typeface to its skeleton, in a way that keeps both its shapes and its character, is a darn hard task. The right look can really drive that message home. It would look great in technical applications.

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I read all the reviews in half a morning. Get new type in your inbox, every single month. Not in my wildest dreams back in I thought I would be helping Stephen with bes.

This is one of the best fonts of Do you like one not shown here? Aften Screen Michael Surtees. For those who care about type, this is the antidote. Shoko Mugikura and Tim Ahrens on the complex beauty of Quintet. I think the list is one of, if not the last places to read detailed and thoughtful type reviews.

And if you know the reality, you know that there are still not enough of them. Still, who could blame him for wanting the task to be more manageable? Why not narrow down the list of mentions right now? Bariol is a great typeface. Not to mention that it bring us the reality of the type world: Again, the focus is on overviewing all remarkable releases of the year, flavoured with some personal spotlights. Franchise Bold is great for signage and anything that you requires a bold presence combined with maximum legibility.

I have also become less sure of some as well. The angled strokes make this an interesting typeface for any occasion.

The Absolute Best Fonts of 2012

Trim Frode Bo Helland. There are some negative comments posted here under besst typeface reviews; dialogue is good. It is unique enough in its appearance that you could use it for identity purposes. Unless something is overwhelming.

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Each weight will work in its own application, and when combined, each weight works well with the other ones. The lengths has two reasons: Not only is the microsite amazing but also and especially the typeface. Null is big and extremely bold. Atlas Typewriter Andrew J.

The Best Fonts of · Typefacts

This feature is not a beauty pageant. I see it as being more about fpnts credit to strong work and giving shout outs to unique work. I rather prefer to read why some fonts have been chosen than not to read anything and just look to some sort of type specimen like it happens with TDC and other competitions. I suspect Stephen is near that now.

Speaking of Fonts In Usewe are now adding links to that site from Typographica reviews, so you can see fontx the typefaces perform in the real world.

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