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Created reports, then, are based on the newest data possible, easily consumable, clear, and ready to present. You cannot perform this step until you have included the sssiebel. Drag and drop the ssRpt library component on the sequential section.

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A report design file defines the layout and behavior for one report. Verify name is set to ssRpt.

Actuate 11SP4 Documentation | OpenText

This creates a frame that defines what appears in each report row. Click the Library Browser button and choose Testrept. Siebel Reports Administration Guide.

While still in the Component Editor for the Testrept top level icon, click Desiger. Then navigate to the directory where the installer is located.

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Even if one's not willing to take part in such a course, he could consider useful to realize what are the questions connected with the e. Also the fact that the reports are Web based isn't meaningless. The datastream component is now a child of the report section desugner. This solution may also apply to new reports created with Actuate 7 erdpro that fail compilation due to Indirect DataRow Member Access. The Library Browser window opens, displaying the contents of Testrept. And the last, every modern Web browser is enough without a need for implementing any additional extensions nor plug-ins No training needed - Actuate e.

Actuate business intelligence reporting

In a very few words, do everything that is needed to use the report to the maximum. Report Designer Professional Actuate e. And - finally - the information that is easy to understand. Moreover - if one decided to look deeper - he would find many other instructions, too. The information that is similar for every business user.

For the new name, input Testrept.

The Include Library window appears. Remember to save the design file periodically as you work. Created reports, then, are based on the newest data possible, easily consumable, clear, and ready to present.

Actuate 11SP4 Documentation

If you install Actuate e. Name the report Testrept. This provides the sequential section that causes the subreports to execute in sequence. See also About Installing Siebel Releases. Deleting from the Project Browser makes sure that these components are completely deleted from the report.

Once the data flow is crucial, Business Intelligence solutions have grown their meaning dfsigner.

The key feature of the tool actuatte to allow report consumers to dive into chosen areas of data, change them, visualize them, change the point of view, analyze trends, highlight numbers, modify graphs, drill, hyperlink, so on and so forth.

Click OK to close the Library Organizer. Report Designer Professional offers developers of structured content for the Windows platform the added capability of designing, building, and distributing report object designs and components throughout the enterprise.

Report Designer Professional, you must install it on a developer machine that has Siebel Tools installed on it. Moreover, they're also easily navigable, therefore - in point of fact - opening the tool is necessary solely for report preparing.

You must subclass each component you introduce into the e.repoort if you plan on modifying the component. Click OK to close the Include Library window when all the files are added.

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