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There is no ability to inspect, add watch or set conditional breakpoints. Thank you for your consideration. In addition we're adding the ability to render the scene to any image. The fast 2D shape commands will be expanded to include rectangles and ellipses both filled and unfilled. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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As each phase is completed we will release versions to all backers. If you publish onto either Apple or Google's stores you will have to pay their costs, of course, but the makers of AGK do not take a cut of this themselves.

It's a way to bring creative projects to life. The team have developed and shipped many products over their extensive time in the games industry.

A project of about lines of code, for example, can compile almost instantly.

A Closer Look At AppGameKit 2

The following are my initial impressions when working with AGK. You should be very proud of what you guys have accomplished with this. Learn more about accountability. It does however enable quick creation of tiled backgrounds.

Want AGK V1?

Funding period Jun 25, - Aug 9, 45 days. Users just gmae to register with the developer and then they can download. As mentioned earlier, several templates are provided. For example the Visual Studio project provides a WinMain implementation for you. The commands make use of the platforms' native functions to improve performance.

You are then free to focus on the development of your game. Can I gwme where can I find Preben Eriksens code? Tweet Share Pin Email. Also, the editor is only available on Windows machines. They are also designed to enhance code readability. The follow feature list is taken directly from the AGK site.

LoadSprite 1"logo.

Code and release apps for Ouya! We will discuss help files shortly. Check out the FAQ.

AGK kiit has a very active developer forum available. Start a New Discussion. AGK is an easy to use cross platform game dev engine.

Kickstarter is not a store. The editing experience in AGK script is fine but the debugger is fairly young and needs some work and the some more refactoring support would be nice. While a more broad language introduction and overview is available here. Ensuring the game controls are easily supported and the in-app purchasing for the Ouya store is available within AGK commands.

The whole game scene can be modified with your own shader effects.

With the wide availability of smartphones the students are able to take their projects home with them on their devices. SetSpritePhysicsOn 12 ; agk:: Teachers only have short term times in which to engage students into learning how to program.

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