Best of scorpions

Driving beat, excellent guitar work, outstanding performance and lyrics. No trouble calling it their best. The song demos that Hard Rock can fall in love an emotion mostly associated with pop.

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Best of Scorpions Vol. 2 - Wikipedia

This is so a meaningful song with a great message. Well that would be an understatement, I at least see it a long time coming top 20, and to where will it climb from there on would be anyones guess. Best of Scorpions Driving beat, excellent guitar work, outstanding performance and lyrics. Wind of Change 2. I don't understand how this isn't higher on the list.

This one is is 49? Rock You Like a Hurricane 2.

Top 20 at least. And the guitar is awesome! I love this song.

Volume 1 ' ". The best love song I ever heard. The meaning of this song is about to take someone on holiday. Well what can I say more than this: It was released in November 17, in the United States.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. WE are all under the same sun and all under the same moon, so this song is for everybody even you are in out of space At the top with the legendary ones fr sure! I always get the vision of the battle of Britain when I hear this song From my opinion Savage Amusement is the best Scorpions album.

The meaning of this song is really deep! My vote goes for this song Such a amazing song great rhythm great vocal It's one of their top ten songs for sure! This song is really something special.

Should be the Scorpions song all Scorpions songs are judged against. Just better then several others in the top 10, what can I say, in my humble opinion. Why this is not even in top 5? Best marmoreal steel in mans lief to remember where you go unsaid sprite soul. I thing this song can use for wedding.

Heavy metalhard rock. Should be top 10!

Top 10 Scorpions Songs

Every song after his surgery is unbelievably euphoric to my ears. The crooning vocals, the edging onward, everything about this piece is magical.

There is something seriously wrong with this list this should be in top 5.

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