Funny flash animations

Yes, we guarantee for your good laughs! Perhaps not ROTF, but this will certainly bring a smile to your face. Green thing itself is a character that mixes humour with a serious message. Distributed by Mondo Media , you may recognize the genre as being similar to another cartoon of theirs, Happy Tree Friends.

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10 Hilarious Flash Animations to Brighten up Your Day

Leo is approached by a trenchcoat-clad cow, Moopheus, who shows him the ugly truth about agribusiness, complete with a send-up of the "stop-motion" camerawork immortalized by the Matrix. Typical of Bird Box Studio 's sketchy style, this short animation delivers top-notch slapstick animafions and dead pan humor you also have to check out the "Olives" cartoon on their site!

Recognised as a serious bit of kit by animation studios the world over, Flash has helped kill off traditional cel animation. Information on animal abuse. Oh come on, this Flash animation is funny. If you want to do something to help animals, click here for our suggestions. Ask me anything you like about web design, in any languageā€¦ I'll find someone who knows the answer!

Combat wombat is a wombat who's heavily into combat.

My name's Ian; I'm the web design editor round these parts and I also run the translation project. We wish to promote the in other countries as well growing of awareness, that freedom is also important for an animal.

See more Computer Arts animation. This Flash animation charms and reels the viewer into the world of a character who is really rather "special" himself.

Funny flash movies and animations with animals

Not surprising, then, that he has three of them and a great interest in British wildlife and painting. Homepage Information Opinion Reaction Search.

Anyway, this one amuses me so I thought it worth sharing. Digital creative boutique Hooky Interactive invite you to "play with us". Quick Links Explore popular categories. Its bold visual style and flawless execution put it among my favorite Flash animation series. Funny flasg flash 2. Simon is an animator who loves cats. Over 9 Million Digital Assets.


A Flash animation taking you from Moscow in the twenties to Chicago in the forties. When the history of Flash is written our turn of the century obsession with morphing primary coloured squares into triangles will hopefully be left out.

This episode features their experiences of Facebook. Envato Market has a range of items for sale to help get you started. Flash has been around longer than you might think. It's now entering its teenage years. This page describes one aspect of the influence that man has on the quality of life of an animal.

Let's choose a funny flash as your special gifts and send out to your family and your friends. People falling over has been farcically funny for centuries.

Funny Ecards and Funny Flash Animations

Thousands viewers have enjoyed this page and posted many good comments. Admit it you laughed. You'll be "walking the walk" before this Flash animation is over. You've probably all seen Animator v Animator 1.

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