Crimelife 2 game

Add a save feature and remove the bug that when you go to the options and exit the options the city will be full of WATER Leviathan June 7, at 1: If you Add the Army People, can you make it as if you shoot them to them die you can take their bazookas or Rocket Launchers.

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New themes for mobile phone. More details on Assassins Creed 2. All weapons CAN'T buy.

Sakis25 Games: Crimelife 2

I have a lot of ideas. For iOS and Android Games visit: Add Six Stars Wanted Levels 2.

UnderWorld April 7, at 4: UnderWorld April 9, at 3: Leviathan June 7, at 1: A new blog for me and my GM crimeelife is now open. Hope you can sort, make this better. Yap this is good game.

You can also call some people A little bit about myself My name is Sakis, I'm an indie games developer from Greece. Anonymous September 9, at 4: Can ya make in CrimeLifeIV i can make some images and icons Hope you can make these in the New Game. hame

In this beta version you can freeroam around the new huge city, Shoot people and blow up vehicles with 8 weapons including uzi, shotguns, rocketlunchers, flamethrowers and more Purchase more weapons from Weapon-Nation shop Drive a car from 18 available all diferent in appearance and interior Enter buildings to explore the rich content and many, many other things. Where you can save game. Crimelife Crimelife 2 Assassins Creed 2: Komunitas Cabo Agme February 21, at 1: Apr 15, Crimelife 2.

Rik Ferreira Alves April 9, at 2: Today game development is my second job, still with the same hame and excitement.

Crimelife 2

Crimelfie you don't want teach me how you did these 3D games, I don't care, I can collaborate telling you my ideas. Pageviews of the month: I started game development as a hobby in early with Game Maker. Massyl March 2, at 8: In my real job I work as a web developer for a company here in Greece. I also work as a graphics artist and I also design the graphics for my own games 2D and 3D.

I know CJavascript, html, css, php. Now on the App Store!

Crimelice people have weapons Where you can kill some people to gain money. When start new game you have a hotel room. Unlimited mission Taxi system Magazines for weapons. The new hero Ezio.

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