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In this Nugget, Keith walks you through the implementation of a WLAN and verifying it - using a smartphone as a client to test the connection. RF Fundamentals 20 min 5. In this Nugget, Keith introduces decibels and watts, and shows you how an average person can perform conversion calculations without the use of a calculator.

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Antennas greatly impact the power and direction of our RF signals.

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WLAN Disrupters 8 min That said, it could be a valuable muggets to have. Supporting files for this video are available in the NuggetLab area. WLC Deployment Overview 7 min AP Modes 17 min In this Nugget, Keith introduces decibels and watts, and shows you how an average person can perform conversion calculations without the use of a calculator.

Windows and Mac OSX.

Supporting capture files used in this video are available in the NuggetLab area. This video takes a look at the two major platforms connecting to corporate WLANs today: This often allows for a Zero Touch deployment of the APs after they are installed.

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Series Premiere 1x01 Welcome to Wireless. Using a few additional steps, we can make an active working WLAN with the controller as the brains, and the AP as the radio operator.

That is the question in this Nugget, and the answer is a resounding "yes"! The access point can do much more than just provide data services for customers. You assume any and all risk associated with such transmissions.

Managing multiple autonomous standalone APs can be time consuming, so a Wireless LAN Controller WLC can be used as a central wirelesss device, that pushes out configurations to the APs and monitors their status, to make things easier. Management, Control and Data Being aware of concepts such as dBm and mW are important. In this Nugget, we look at other technologies and areas that could cause interference with the 2.

If we are able to connect the communication to the account, this means your method of communication and the substance of the communication will become associated with your personal data. He'll also take a look at the features that make In this Nugget, Keith compares and contrasts the standards used by One method that can be wirelesw to validate users without Customers often want two basic things: When he's not making training videos, Keith can be found reading, learning new technology, or hanging out with his family.

This course will assist eireless in obtaining the knowledge and skills to understand and support Cisco WLANs. The chance of an "unauthorized" AP popping up is very high, due to most smartphones having the ability to become an wirelees hot spot. If we build it, can they connect? Wireless has lots of different areas that need be configured correctly for a functional WLAN.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure the likely replacement for WCS is growing in popularity, but those who are interested in certification, should still be familiar with WCS.

Understanding the process they go through is important for nugggets, as well as for setting up fault tolerance.


Fortunately, we have standards groups and nuggeys agencies. He is the author of numerous technical books and articles, including several Cisco Press cert guides. SNR 5 min 6.

RF Fundamentals 20 min 5. A few years ago, Keith began posting IT videos to his YouTube channel Keithwhich quickly amassed a large subscriber base.

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