Belkin network usb hub control center

I have never used this particular type of device, but is it possible that you would also have to have the proper print drivers install on the Windows 10 machine sort of like using a Windows Server as a print server? Kirkwood, Oct 18, Based on this http: Ed B, Dec 11, Dec 15, Messages:

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I had the same problem with the hub not connecting to windows Jul 29, Messages: Trouble, Aug 30, My wife's computer also upgraded to Windows 10 can connect to the printers attached to the Belkin hub.

Dec 15, Messages: Also make sure the firewall lets it through. The Belkin website does not help! Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Hi Kirkwood - did you find a solution?

Belkin Network USB Hub Control Center (free) download Windows version

As far as I know both installations were identical so I'm at a loss to understand the issue. Carolina, Feb 7, Belkin only seem belkn in selling their equipment, their help forums are anything but.

I am able to run this on windows 10 pro by installing f5lv Does the vendor in this case Belkin have a product support website, where you might be able to contact someone, by phone, by email, or perhaps create a trouble ticket? Kirkwood, Aug 31, Hub not compatible with Windows It worked through changes from Windows 7 through 8. Nov 19, Messages: Have they brought out a new contrrol hub does any one know?

Does it have a web interface, so you can input an ip address into your browser and interact with the UI? I had the same Hub and problems. Dec 11, Messages: Ed B, Dec 11, Kirkwood, Aug 30, I have a Belkin F5L network hub I use to connect sevral printers to the computers 4 in my network.

After 3 call to Belkin and a 10 minute hold, I was told the hub was not compatible with Windows Have you seen this webpage? Anyone had a similar experience or found a solution?

Perhaps the device is in need of a firmware upgrade or something similar to enable it to function properly with Windows Aug 30, Messages: But there is a handle Can you ping it? You could allso just install the newest driver that is Windows 10 compatible. Feb 7, Messages: Oct nftwork, Messages: Oct 25, Messages: I am having the exact same problem.

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